The is a Hindu symbol.
The is a Buddhist symbol.
The is an ancient symbol which was abused by racist Europeans including Adolf Hitler.
The appears on maps in Asia to denote temples.
The is famous.
The means good luck.
The is drawn on houses in India.
The is a common design in many cultures.
There is a town named that has refused to change its name.
The is the most powerful symbol in the world.™
The was banned by Google from showing up in Google hot trends.
The display of the is found to be offensive by Europeans.
Even though the is a holy symbol in much of the world.
The European Union tried to prohibit the .
The is a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese character.
The means myriad, or 10,000 in Chinese.
The has been made famous on 4chan.
.com is against any racist use of the .™